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Rita Hart For Congress

Candidate for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District

Leaders Listen To The Voices That They Have To Lean In To Hear.

Rita Hart, Democratic Candidate for Iowa's 2nd District

Rita Hart is a lifelong Iowan, farmer, and 20-year educator.  She grew up in Charles City, Iowa in a “divided household” — her mom a Republican, her dad a Democrat.  Rita’s mother spent most of her life with a damaged heart, weakening her health, breathing, and, as a result, even the ability to talk — allowing her to speak with just a whisper.  She raised nine children, including Rita, with that whisper and taught her the importance of listening to everyone. The most important voices in the room aren’t necessarily the loudest or the most powerful.  Leaders listen to the voices that they have to lean in to hear. Iowans need a strong, caring, and independent voice, to bring about real change, to provide real solutions to our toughest challenges.

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