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Iowa children urgently need our elected leaders to lead on COVID-19 and school

The decisions that are made in the next few weeks will have real impacts on students and families that then affect the entire community. We deserve leadership that helps us find solutions.

“To make progress on the issues we all care about — health care, jobs, justice, public safety, and education, we need to fundamentally change how Washington does business so every voice can be heard,” said Hart, a six-year state senator now running for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District seat.

Until Friday, parents were waiting to hear decisions from their school districts on the return-to-learn plan. The consequences of these decisions were immense — will students stay safe and healthy? Will they affect the health and safety of the community? Will parents need to find child care many days a week? Will parents need to work fewer hours? These are questions that will have a real impact on Iowans’ day-to-day lives.